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Coverage of select committee proceedings at the Palace of Westminster.

Select Committees - Netflix

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Premier: 2016-03-18

Select Committees - Select committee (United Kingdom) - Netflix

In British politics, parliamentary select committees can be appointed from the House of Commons, like the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, from the House of Lords, like the Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee, or as a “Joint Committee” drawn from both, such as the Joint Committee on Human Rights. Committees may exist as “sessional” committees – i.e. be near-permanent – or as “ad-hoc” committees with a specific deadline by which to complete their work, after which they cease to exist, such as the recent Lords Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change. The Commons select committees are generally responsible for overseeing the work of government departments and agencies, whereas those of the Lords look at general issues, such as the constitution, considered by the Constitution Committee, or the economy, considered by the Economic Affairs Committee. Both houses have their own committees to review drafts of European Union directives: the European Union Committee in the House of Lords, and the European Scrutiny Committee in the House of Commons. The Intelligence and Security Committee is not a select committee, though it contains members from both houses. It is a unique committee of parliamentarians nominated by the Prime Minister and reporting to him or her, not Parliament.

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The House of Lords has a set of five major select committees: The European Union Committee, which currently has six sub-committees The Constitution Committee The Economic Affairs Committee The Science and Technology Committee (House of Lords) The Communications Select Committee These committees run inquiries into topics within their remit, issuing reports from time to time. The European Union Committee also scrutinises EU legislation and other EU proposals, as well as conducting inquiries.

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