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Quest brings you "Inventions That Rocked the World". Technical innovations and inventions have shaped the world of popular music through the decades. From drum machines to downloads this series features archive footage of artists, engineers and producers who used them. They are bought to life by the big hits of the time that quite literally, rocked our world and forever changed our relationship with music. Through sensational clips, expert interviews from artists such as Moby and Gary Numan and a sound track provided by the titans of rock ‘n' roll we explore the ingenious inventions that changed contemporary music, shaped popular culture and rewrote social history. All brought together by narration from British music legend Suggs.

Inventions That Rocked the World - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-01

Inventions That Rocked the World - Re-Invention World Tour - Netflix

Re-Invention World Tour was the sixth concert tour by American singer-songwriter Madonna. It supported her ninth studio album American Life and visited North America and Europe. Madonna was inspired to create the tour, after taking part in an art installation called X-STaTIC PRo=CeSS, directed by photographer Steven Klein. She incorporated the images from the installation in the tour, whose name was in reality a dig at Madonna's critics. A number of songs were rehearsed for the tour, with twenty-four of them making the final setlist. The tour was divided into five segments: French Baroque–Marie Antoinette Revival, Military–Army, Circus–Cabaret, Acoustic and Scottish-Tribal. The costumes were developed by designer Arianne Phillips based on the concept of re-invention. The opening segment displayed performances with dance in general. Military segment displayed performances with the theme of warfare. Circus displayed light-hearted performances while the Acoustic segment performances were melancholy. The final Scottish segment had Madonna and her performers display energetic dance routines. The tour garnered positive reception from contemporary critics. However, fellow singer Elton John accused Madonna of lip-synching on the tour. Madonna's representatives denied the allegations and John later apologized. Re-Invention Tour was a commercial success with total sell-outs and multiple extra dates being added. It became the highest-grossing concert tour of 2004, earning US $125 million ($161.95 million in 2017 dollars) from 56 shows, and an audience of 900,000. The tour was awarded with the Top Tour trophy at the 2004 Billboard Touring Awards. Madonna released a documentary titled I'm Going to Tell You a Secret, which chronicled the tour.

Inventions That Rocked the World - Critical response - Netflix

The show received positive reviews and critical acclaim. David Segal from The Washington Post noted that the “difference between this show and the last, the Drowned World Tour of 2001, was striking. That show seems standoffish compared with this one, in part because Madonna has finally worked through whatever issues prevented her from performing her earliest hits. [...] Madonna has created a new performance hybrid.” Segal's view was shared by Elizabeth Smith from The New York Times who also commented that “Unlike 2001's Drowned World Tour, which was dark, often hostile, Re-Invention returns Madonna to the light. She looks as if she is having a good time.” Edna Gunderson of USA Today gave the concert four out of four stars and said “Madonna seems to be having a jolly good time. Whereas her last outing had technical strengths but lacked warmth, Reinvention finds Madonna reinvested emotionally. The show doesn't have the degree of flesh, carnal content or shock value that past outings delivered, but this time Madonna is opting for more heart than cleavage and more personality than profanity.” Joshua Klein from Chicago Tribune commented that Madonna's show displayed more spectacle than substance. Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine commented on the theme of the concert and said that "the best thing that can come out of Madonna revisiting (and reinventing) the past is that she, and we, will be reminded of what she does best: making us forget about the bad times, come together, release the pressure, and have a holiday. "Kelefa Sanneh from The New York Times said that the concert was “a dense, dizzying, often incoherent, sometimes exhilarating night, starring a great performer who often found herself shadowboxing with her own past lives.” Dan Aquilante from New York Post said that the concert “razzle-dazzled her way into the hearts of the devoted audience with an entertaining theatrical revue that was elaborately staged, costumed and cast with a full dance troupe.” Thea Singer of the Boston Herald said that “Madonna brought Jewish mysticism on tour.” John Hand from BBC noted that the “Re-Invention Tour happily marrie[d] past and present Madonna. [...] It is a far more rounded concert experience for the dedicated fan.” However Robert Hilburn from Los Angeles Times felt that the show eventually took on a darker, more political tone and condemned the “weakly political Re-Invention concert [as] unsexy and uninspiring.”

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