Fabulous Boys - Netflix

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A drama about an innocent girl who wants to be a nun, and who has always lived in a convent, where she always gets into trouble unintentionally. She has a twin brother, whose dream is to be a singer in order to meet his mother, who abandoned him at an orphanage when his father died. One day a mysterious man appears in front of her asking him to impersonate his brother while he was recovering from surgery, as it has been chosen to become the fourth member of the popular group of the moment.

Fabulous Boys - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-05-12

Fabulous Boys - Jiro Wang - Netflix

Jiro Wang (traditional Chinese: 汪東城; simplified Chinese: 汪东城; pinyin: Wāng Dōngchéng; Wade–Giles: Wang Tung-Ch'eng; born August 24, 1981) is a Taiwanese singer and actor, who started his career as a model. Wang is a member of Taiwanese Mandopop vocal quartet boy band Fahrenheit.

Fabulous Boys - Life - Netflix

Jiro Wang was born August 24, 1981, in Taiwan. He graduated from Fu Shin Trade and Arts College with a degree in Advertising Design. Wang's father died when he was 18, leaving him and his mother stranded with the family debt. To pay off the enormous debt, Wang worked three jobs at a time, which variously included flyer distribution, dressing up as a mascot for Taipei's Zoo Mall, waiting tables at a bar, a fashion retail assistant, a part-time model, and even hard labor work as a construction worker. Upon graduation from arts college, he entered the commercial and modeling industry. BMG, the label that signed him, planned to package him with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan under the “3J Plan”, but when BMG's stocks crashed following 9/11, the 3J plan was scrapped. Wang then decided to continue his career in the industry via commercial modeling and working backstage in fashion design. He was approached again around 2004, launching the start of his acting career. He speaks fluent Taiwanese and Mandarin, and understands conversational English. Wang used to play with an underground band named Karma and was their lead singer. Wang also composed the lyrics to their song, “人間逃亡記” (Rénjiān táowáng jì). The band later changed its name to Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛). In 2013, between his filming commitments, Wang also held solo concerts in the cities of Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo in Japan, and Beijing and Shenzhen in China. Apart from sharing work and lifestyle photographs, Wang uses his Weibo account to advocate various charitable causes, especially those relating to aiding aged war veterans (like Wang's own father) and elderly street hawkers, and animal welfare, amongst others. His early difficult financial circumstances made him a firm believer in helping those in need and the privilege of being able to give. Though he has used his celebrity status to aid charitable organizations such as Taiwan's Syinlu Social Welfare Foundation to raise funds and awareness for those with intellectual disabilities—such as shooting the micro-film entitled Seeing and designing packaging for the sale of their handicrafts—he remains largely low-profile about his personal charitable contributions. Some of his acts of goodwill only come to light when organizations publish a list of their donors, for instance. On 14 February 2010, Wang started his own fashion label M JO (http://mjo.com.tw/index.html). In line with its founding date on Valentine's Day, the label's slogan advocates, “Enjoy Love, Life, and Peace.” As a design graduate with a passion for art, Wang personally designs the caps, clothing, and accessories, which are characterized by bold, vibrant and colorful designs. Wang, who is well known in the industry for his filial piety, credits his mother for his artistic gifts and love of design. She was a tailor / custom dressmaker and Wang learnt part of his craft from watching her work when he was young. He was partly motivated to create the fashion label as a gift to his mother. In 2014, Wang designed an exhibit for World Trade Centre (Hong Kong), in line with the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where Wang's artwork, M JO products, and his label's iconic JO robot were on display from 30 May - 17 July 2014. In 2014, Wang was invited to design the “M JO - JO Robot” series of virtual stickers/large-sized emoji for Line (application), making him the first Taiwanese celebrity to design purchasable stickers for the company. Using his fashion line M JO's iconic JO robot as his theme, he designed a series of 40 virtual stickers, which was released in LINE's sticker store on 24 April 2015. Jiro Wang jointly invests in WoMen Hair, a stylish hair salon in Taipei, with his good friends and fellow Fahrenheit (Taiwanese band) mates, Calvin Chen and Wu Chun. On 6 May 2014, they attended the opening ceremony of WoMen Hair, which is run by their longtime friend and colleague, Sam Chen. Wang's interest in art and Japanese manga includes a NT$10 million (approx. US$315,000) investment in exclusive agent rights for Chibi Maruko-chan merchandise in Taiwan. His love of the series began as a child, when he would hurry home after school in order to catch the television series over his meal-time. Through his friend Ivan Wang's introduction, Jiro Wang flew to Japan at the end of 2013 to meet with the manga artist, Momoko Sakura, creator of the series Chibi Maruko-chan. Momoko Sakura was impressed with Jiro Wang's gift of his personal artwork, which led to a collaboration featured in Chibi Maruko-chan's 30th anniversary publication entitled 《恭喜》, published both in Japanese and traditional Chinese. Jiro Wang and Momoko Sakura's collaboration is featured as part of the series' larger 30th anniversary exhibit, which was variously on display in Japan (6–20 August 2014; 27 December 2014 - 12 January 2015) and Hong Kong (3 November 2014 - 4 January 2015). In 2014, Jiro Wang and Ivan Wang established Toyu / 東友企業 (a synthesis of their Chinese names) and became exclusive agents for marketing Chibi Maruko-chan products in Taiwan. They have plans to make a Chibi Maruko-chan movie and Jiro Wang may possibly play Maruko's father or her classmate Kazuhiko Hanawa, depending on Maruko's age in the movie. In his spare time, Wang takes an avid interest in putting Gundam models together and also in cosplay—a pastime he has enjoyed since his art school days, when he used to make his own costumes—and frequently shares photos on his Instagram and/or Weibo account in various roles as manga or anime characters, or Western superheroes, including Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman, and Captain America.

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