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Styles may change, but murder lasts forever. A Crime to Remember invites viewers to step into the past and unravel the intricacies of real-life murder cases of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Set against the backdrop of Studebakers, fedoras, and three-martini lunches, these stories of truly mad men and women reveal complicated relationships where thwarted dreams and repressed passions led to terrible crimes. With A Crime to Remember, ID inaugurates a new high-end cinematic style, using the visual grammar of movies to bring the era to life. To properly illustrate each time period, the series stays true to the fashion and styles while highlighting the cultural taboos and social norms that informed each case. Each story is driven by the narrative of a fictional bystander who "knew" the victim, while reporters who covered the case explain how the crime and investigation impacted society.

A Crime to Remember - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-11-12

A Crime to Remember - Alice Crimmins - Netflix

Alice Crimmins (born 1939) is an American woman who was charged with killing her two children, 5-year-old Eddie and 4-year-old Alice Marie, known as Missy, who went missing on July 14, 1965. Alice Marie's body was found that day, and Eddie Jr.'s was found five days later. In 1971, she was convicted of murder of her son and manslaughter of her daughter. In November 1977, she was released on parole.

A Crime to Remember - The killing of her children - Netflix

Her children, Eddie Jr., age 5, and Missy, age 4, disappeared from their garden apartment in Kew Gardens Hills on July 14, 1965. She reported to the police that her children were missing. Some days after that, Missy was found strangled. Later, Eddie was also found dead, but identifying the cause of his death was impossible. No physical evidence was found which could connect her to the murders. Nevertheless, she was put on trial and found guilty in May 1968. No evidence could be found tying anyone to the deaths. Crimmins was followed and covertly recorded by the New York Police Department for two years, before finally being charged and going to trial in 1968. She was found guilty and sent to prison, later released on appeal, recharged and found guilty again in 1971, overturned in 1973, reinstated and reincarcerated in 1975. She was paroled in 1977. The Crimmins trial has been compared by some in the media to the Casey Anthony trial.

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